Ductable Air Conditioners is designed for problem areas. That is true because the components are installed separately. The sleek indoor cooling unit is installed within the room to be air conditioned and the condensing unit is located outside.

The external dimensions are kept to a minimum, enabling transportation of the units economical, safe and simple. Flanges are provided for easy mounting to the ceiling of a room in a horizontal position. Pre drilled duct flanges are provided for supply air openings to minimize duct connection work.

Ideally suited for offices, Conference rooms, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Basements, High Security Areas, Bank Vaults or wherever a conventional air conditioner cannot be fitted or cool efficiently and economically.

Ductable Air Conditioners combine technology with innovation. Hidden in the ceiling, this product range is ideally suited for open office areas, large conference rooms, showrooms, marriage halls and other places where cooling efficiency and distributed air conditioning is essential.

Ductable Air Conditioners