Cassette air conditioning systems can be installed, unobtrusively, in a ceiling and positioned centrally so that conditioned air can be distributed to the farthest corners of a room. Furthermore, the fact that the compressor unit – the principal cause of noise – can be located outside a building at 50′ or more from the nearest indoor unit means that operation is exceptionally quiet. The latest cassette air conditioning systems are also highly energy efficient offering, for example, ¾ fan speeds, digitally controlled timers, etc., and photo catalytic purification filters which remove dust, smoke, odors, etc., from the air. Condensate – that is water vapor "condensed" from the air as part of the process – is dealt with effectively resulting in a longer life of a cassette air conditioning unit when compared with a window or portable "monobloc" system.

Cool your space right from the top with Air cool Cassette Type Air Conditioners.These ACs are equipped with first of its kind BLDC motor that provide you high efficiency, low noise operation.Cassette AC are available in various types such as BLDC Cassette, Highlander Cassette, Inverter Cassette.

Cassette Air Conditioners